Restaurants to Visit on Eleuthera

By far my Favorite is Tippy’s . Be sure to visit Pine Apple Fields and the hotel wonder dog “Zena”.The Following was taken from . Please visit this site.

My wife and I live on this island. We checked out all Eleuthera restaurants below. And here is our recommendation…Make your choice of restaurants by looking for your area first, i.e…

1. Gregory Town in the North

2. Hatchet Bay a.k.a. Alice Town

3. Governor’s Harbour/Palmetto Point in Central Eleuthera or…

4. Tarpum Bay & Rock Sound in the South.

All Eleuthera restaurants are listed under one of the four above headings.

Call before you go. All calls on the island are free from any land line phone

eleuthera map

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Eleuthera Restaurants in and near
Gregory Town


Hatchet Bay a.k.a. Alice Town

  • Front Porch Delights, Bar & Grill
    Phone: 335-0727
    . Lovely Eleuthera restaurant & boutique with driftwood bar on deck, overlooking Hatchet Bay. Awe-inspiring sunsets. Best seafood. Chefs Francis Plakarise and his wife Gina know how to use herbs. Different menu every day. Open every day from 8 a.m. till… Easy to find because directly on the bay side of the main road.
  • Water’s Edge Internet Cafe
    Phone: 335-0679; cell: 470-1667
    . Of all Eleuthera restaurants this one is special… It has a familial atmosphere, computer access and a small store selling electronic parts. The cafe is in a pink building with a nice terrace right on the water. Serving large Angus steak burgers at a reasonable price. Open 11am-ish to 7pm-ish. From the main road drive into Hatchet Bay and watch out for the restaurant sign on the left.


Eleuthera Restaurants in and near
Governor’s Harbour & Palmetto Point


Eleuthera Restaurants in Tarpum Bay

  • Papa George’s Pizza & Internet Cafe
    Phone: 334-4076
    . Simple spot, dine in or take out. Call one hour ahead to order your pizza. Extra cost for home deliveries, $ 2 per 5 miles.

  • Barbie’s Snack & Notions
    Phone: 334-4028
    . Small place, native style, ribs and a decent pizza. Open 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., serving lunch & dinner. Also take-away.

  • Rock Sound Club
    Phone: 334-2700
    . Located between Tarpum Bay and Rock Sound. Coming from Tarpum Bay, watch out for the sign to the left, about half-way of the distance between the two settlements. Interesting old but renovated Club – by the road side – serving breakfast, lunch & dinner. Stop for a drink and chat with Robert Chappell, the elderly and very interesting American owner.


Eleuthera Restaurants in and near Rock Sound


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More stuff to do over Christmas

Taken from Eleuthera .com

Please find below a few other tings to do .

Please visit the Queen bath , the view is incredible , but only visit while the ocean is quieter. Just before the Glass window on the right while heading north , watch for the sign.


Just south of the Glass Window, look for a row of sawed-off pine tree stumps on the Atlantic side . Park in small pull off. Walk over rocks to cliffs. Peer down and see rock pools etched out by the wave action; a cave is behind them. You can go down there at low tide when the weather is calm and float around in the pools, which are filled with live shells and little fish. DO NOT EVEN TRY when the sea is rough. You could be washed away!!!! And people have been!!! Seepicture of the Queens Baths here….. …..


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OCEAN HOLERock Sound, Eleuthera


The Ocean Hole is a natural “blue hole” that the locals say is bottomless. It is actually an inland salt water lake, a mile from the oceans, yet it is filled with salt water sea life, and rises and ebbs with the tides.

Therefore, it definitely has a connection with he ocean, although no-one has found the connection (Jacques Cousteau, formerly a part-time resident of Windemere, tried unsuccessfully.)

The hole is full of fish, but no fishing allowed, although you are welcome to swim and feed the fish.




Chicken Ed and the namesake of this institution, Elvina 

In Gregory Town, get ready for a very unusual place. Where else in the civilized world can you, under one roof: 

1) shoot some pool
2) eat cajun and Bahamian food
3) wash your clothes
4) listen to music jams every Tuesday and Friday night 

Yes, wash those traveling clothes, eat some jambalaya, shoot pool, and listen to music jams! The Walls are covered with license plates and bumper stickers, and the surfboards hanging from the ceiling have been stowed there by surfer-regulars. Elvina’s husband, known around these parts as “Chicken Ed,” is from Louisiana, and cajun type food is served.

On Tuesdays and Fridays is jam night, and you might catch sometime local Lenny Kravitz or Chris Robinson or other visiting musicians.

Visit Gregory Town


Gregory Town is a funky, sea-side town that typifies a small Bahamian town. There occurs the famouns “Pineapple Festival” every June, with music, food, races, and drink.

Best-known for its great food and exotic tropical drinks like its famous pineapple punch, Gregory Town is also gaining recognition because of its rock star resident, the vocalist and guitar-wizard Lenny Kravitz. Also is the location of “Pam’s Island Gift Shop“, a store with the widest selection of native gift goods on the island, including local books, maps, T-shirts, dresses, etc., as well as Rebecca’s Beach Shop, with its wide collection of native goods.

Just south of Gregory Town is famouns “Surfer’s Beach”, whick supposedly has the best surfing in the Bahamas. 






Business of Anne and Clyde Bethel, the cook at Mate and Jenny’s, Island Farm is located about a mile south of Church Street on Queens Highway in Palmetto Point. There are plants for sale, fruits, vegetables, salad dressing, fresh bread on Mondays and Fridays. The “Island Farm also has great salad fixings, depending on the season brocolli, zuccini, beets, cabbage, fresh herbs, basil, cilantro and much more. 

Also, a new feature is grilled mahi-mahi. As the sign says, it is closed on Wednesday and Sundays.



Gregory Town, Eleuthera

Providing a unique island shopping experience, one of a kind gifts made by Native Born Artist: Rebecca Courtemache

In addition, she is married to local legend, “Surfer Pete”. He is a well known surfer and storyteller. He can arrange house rentals, as well as bicycle, diving, and surf board rentals.Items in the store include Pirates Revenge Hot Sauce, Metal and Sand Art, Jewelry, shells, coral, caribbean dolls, books, film, fishing and diving gear; original designes painted on T-shirts, tiles, china, canvas and Coconut Fibre, etc!!



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Still more to do Eleuthera

Visit Harbour Island

The HarbourHARBOUR ISLAND was a sleepy fishing village in 1787 when Gov. John Murray, the Earl of Dunmore and the last royal governor of Virginia fled from the American revolution to be appointed the first Governor of the Bahamas in its first capital on this small island outpost. Thereafter, the island town was called Dunmore Town, a name seldom used today because of the poor reputation of its namesake. The Governor immediately started a building boom, evidence of which can be seen throughout the island despite numerous hurricanes. The protection of the natural harbour between the island and “mainland” Eleuthera was auspicious for a rapid and lengthy growth process, while the island’s beaches attracted visitors from all over to see sand colored pink from the reddish hue of ancient ground-up shells and coral.



Dunmore TownNo history of Harbour Island is complete without explaining its links to the rise of tourism in the Bahamas. Dunmore Town is, after all, primarily a tourist town, albeit authentic with its New England-style cottages sprinkled with bright Caribbean colors. Since the mid-to-late 1800’s when Americans first discovered the health benefits of sun, sand and ocean air, tourists have flocked to the islands in ever-increasing numbers. In 1949, the first year records were kept, 32,018 visitors arrived in the Bahamas. By 1990, total arrivals set an all-time record of 3.628 million! (source: Bahamas Handbook 2000) Because Harbour Island, along with Nassau and Freeport, is considered one of the jewels of Bahamian tourism, it will continue to prosper, even as other islands experience recession.

eleuthera bahamasBack to the Top 

Things to Do

Arial viewHARBOUR ISLAND is barely 2 square miles in area, but boasts a three-mile expanse of pink sand on the Atlantic side that Conde Nast considers to be “quite possibly the finest beach in the world.” In addition to its surf, Harbour Island has a full menu of activities to enjoy, no matter what your taste or availability. For short visits, grab a quick lunch at the SeaView TakeAway – a lunch concession at the foot of the main dock, on the corner of Bay Street. Then rent a golf cart and travel the island to catch some sights such as Loyalist Cottage, the island’s oldest house overlooking the harbour. Other attractions worth seeing are St. John’s Anglican Church, built in 1768, Wesley Methodist Church from 1848, old homes (there’s a “haunted house” at the southern end of the island, near the marina), gardens, and the historic graveyards.

// // Welcome SignIf you have the time and inclination (and lots of money), spend the night at one of the half-dozen or so resort hotels that line the Atlantic coast and play beach volleyball, ride a pony, play tennis, or just soak in some sun. Scuba equipment and boat rentals are also available through a resort concierge. Pink Sands, the Coral Sands Hotel, and others on Harbour Island truly present a vision of paradise for those whose can afford to splurge.

Most people who visit here once resolve to come back again – but staying in resorts every year can be expensive – unless you think outside the box. Buy timeshares, pay for only the time you’re there, and never worry about rising prices again. Call Harbor Island your home away from home – in paradise!
CLICK on the pictures below to enlarge . . .

Resort Tikis   Beach Access   Coral Sands Hotel   Beach Resort   St. Johns Church   The Harbour 

Harbour Island has something for everyone, from dining at a resort after a game of tennis, to sitting under an oak tree eating a conch sandwich. Scuba diving anyone?         To the Top

Harbour IslandHARBOUR ISLAND is only available by private ferry, either from mainland Eleuthera ($4 one-way), or via the Fast Ferry catamaran Bo Hengy from Nassau for around $100 (Call 242-323-2166 for details and reservations). Fast Ferry also services North Eleuthera and Governors Harbour from Nassau.

Getting There


Harbour IslandFROM MAINLAND ELEUTHERA: if you’re arriving at North Eleuthera Airport (ELH), take a taxi or just follow the road east until it dead-ends at the dock. If you’re coming from the south across the Glass Window, take the east road from Upper, then Lower Bogue (in the Bahamas, “up” means south and “down” means north. Confusing, huh? Just take a right at the broken phone booth). Follow the signs to the airport and beyond, then park your car at the mainland dock. Grab the next ferry boat you see, get in, pay your $4 and head out. Don’t worry about waiting; these private ferrymen are fast, friendly, and efficient. The whole trip takes about 15 minutes or less and good folks like Jack Higgs (below) will be able to ferry you across, at the same time regale you with stories about the island, it’s people, and the best places to stay, eat, and enjoy. Don’t come too late, though. These ferries won’t run after dark, so plan ahead if you have far to drive.

Ferry Crossing   HI Ferry  Jack Higgs' Taxi  The Crossing

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There is more to do in Eleuthera

The Story of Hatchet Bay & Alice Town
Before the the 1940’s and the creation of “The Cut,” a 90-foot artificial opening created by amphibious earth-moving machines, Hatchet Bay did not exist; only a land-bound lake next to Alice Township. After “the cut,” Hatchet Bay then became known as the “country’s safest harbour” since it was completely enclosed and provided terrific protection from foul winds and storms. It became, therefore, an inviting stop for cruising vessels and home to the Hatchet Bay Marina. For a listing of other marinas on Eleuthera, Click Here.

Alice Town can also boast that it is the home of Eleutheran poet Carmelina Dean-Burrows.
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Things to Do
Alice Town is a simple, authentic Bahamian settlement. No frills. No glamour. Located within walking distance of the dock at Hatchet Bay, this small township is a nice place to unwind a bit, take care of a few domestic chores, and experience a little Bahamian life-style. There’s a laundromat, a post office and a couple of small markets. Stop in at Reds (The Bayview Club, dockside) or the Forget Me Not Club for game of pool and a drink, or the Seaside Club if you want to watch some cable TV. Nearby beaches are Hatchet Bay Beach, and Rainbow Beach and Hidden Beach to the south.

A few miles north of Alice Town, you can see the remains of a once thriving cattle and dairy plantation established in the 1950’s. Destroyed by hurricanes and abandoned in the 60’s, this area is now just an expanse of fields and home to the Hatchet Bay Caves, a mile-long cavern filled with bats, stalagtites, stalagmites, and (unfortunately) grafitti from careless visitors who don’t appreciate the delicate ecosystem of such underground treasures. If you go, be sure to bring long pants, a flashlight and preferrably a guide who knows the way.

Click on the pictures below to enlarge…
For some of the best food and entertainment on the island, check out the Rainbow Inn, about 2.5 miles south of Alice Town on the Queen’s Highway. Owner Ken Keene provides great views, Caribbean music, fine dining, a few rental villas, and prices that tend to be on the higher side, but it’s definitely worth a visit. For dinner reservations, call Rainbow Inn at (242) 335-0294. Go on Wednesday nights from 7-9 pm when Dr. Seabreeze (below) provides the guitar strumming and singing of such great island Reggae hits as “Day-O” and “Don’t Touch Me Tomato.” He sells his CD’s at the restaurant. You can also order then through Longbight Music, 5211 Ocean Blvd., Sarasota, FL 34242 USA or call (941) 346-2995.

Back to the Top

Local Guides
Call Phillip Thompson evenings at (242) 335-5243 for a guided tour through the Hatchet Bay Caves or other points of interest. Phillip works during the mornings pouring concrete steps off jagged cliffs. He used to be a commercial fisherman until Hurricane Andrew in 1993 wiped out his one-boat “fleet” docked at the Hatchet Bay pier – the “country’s safest harbour”…

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// //


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More things to do in Eleuthera

Visit the Glass Window Bridge

Glass Window

The Link between North and South Eleuthera

Arial View  Glass Window  Atlantic Cliffs

Bridge RepairedNATURES FURY can be devastating. For centuries, there was a natural stone bridge connection between north and south Eleuthera. Phillip Thompson of Gregory Town remembers his parents talking about taking walks over it on a regular basis. Then in the 1940’s, several hurricanes combined to destroy the seemingly-immortal land bridge and a concrete replacement was built. For decades, this bridge was patched with reinforced concrete, but in 1992 and 1999 Mother Nature struck again without mercy. Hurricane Andrew chipped away at the old bridge significantly in ’92, but in ’99 the real damage came.

For more than 2 days and nights, Hurricane Floyd, a Category 4 hurricane, pounded the area of the Glass Window with persistently-high winds and waves until nothing of the original Glass Window remained. Although the bridge was repaired and Queen’s Highway re-connected within a few months, the geography of Eleuthera has changed forever. Even after four years, workers stay busy reinforcing the shoreline in order to re-pave the severely eroded asphalt.

The name “Glass Window” is still used, however, to describe the opening that connects the Atlantic and Caribbean oceans. Although natural rock has been replaced by man-made steel and concrete, the sense of awe still lingers. Stop the car and climb the rocks. Then marvel at the power of the Atlantic surf pounding against and through the narrow cut. The feeling is spectacular!

// // GETTING THERE is no problem. If you’re south on the island, go north. In the north? Go south. Easy enough. Just make sure you have either some daylight or a good driver. The narrow bridge and steel outcroppings can be mighty treacherous for both cars and humans who veer off the main road!

Home Page / Island PageApproach from South   Hurricane Floyd, 1999   Road damage being slowly repaired

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Things to do in Eleuthera

The following caption was taken from Eleuthera .com

Snorkeling and Spear fishing

My Tips for Snorkeling and Spearfishing

(This article about snorkeling was written by Andy (32), my nephew from Switzerland. He spent the summer months of 2010 spearfishing and shark watching in Eleuthera.)

Andy: Exploring the underwater world has always been a big passion of mine. I enjoyed it especially in the clear and species-rich waters of Eleuthera.

Andy snorkeling in Eleuthera

// //

I spent countless hours snorkeling the magnificent Atlantic side reefs during my five Summer months in 2010. And I was amazed by the beauty every time I went out to explore the underwater world.

Yolana snorkeling in shallow water

// //

Oh, here is a shot I took of the beauty who accompanied me on my various Eleutheran adventure tours.

Swimming by myself below the water surface always made me forget everything especially time. Often I swam the quarter mile (400 meters) from Hut Pointe beach to the outer reef. This area is on the upper left of the photo below, near the Sky Beach Club resort.

The outer reef runs along the greater parts of Eleuthera’s Atlantic side, pictured below.

Aerial photo of Atlantic side reef in Eleuthera

Notice on the aerial photo the long, white line that extends to the left and right of the words Atlantic side of Eleuthera. That’s the outer reef.

Great Reef & Interesting Coral

Most of the reef is intact. Wonderful! Sometimes the coral is shaped like castles, and the variety of coral and fish is stunning.

I also found numerous dive troughs and fascinating caves.

spotted trunk fish

Here is the strange-looking spotted trunk fish

I’m not saying that the area between the beach and the outer reef is boring, not at all. You will find many beautiful snorkeling spots close to the beach. Watch out for dark blue areas in the water. They are full of coral and sea life.

Coral head

Sometimes coral reaches up almost to the water surface. Therefore you can snorkel in depths of just 2 feet. Feels like flying over a countryside.

snorkeling in shallow water

Here’s a good example of snorkeling in shallow water. Jolana is literally floating over the “vegetable garden”.

Be careful though not to touch coral with either your fins or hands. Why?…

  • Coral is fragile and breaks easily.

  • Coral protects itself with a substance that will burn your skin just as jelly fish does.


One day I didn’t watch out and got stung by the nasty fireworm. This is a coral eating worm that sits on top of coral heads. The worm’s hair is highly toxic and gave me a terrible burning pain that lasted for days.

On my underwater tours I saw several crawfish (lobster) and schools of small reef fish. But also big fish like the giant barracuda (below), huge stingrays, tarpons, turtles and of course sharks.

great barracuda fish

The Joy of Watching Sharks

reef shark

Elegant reef shark

There’s no reason to be afraid of sharks. They do not attack humans if there’s no blood in the water from either your body or from a fish just spear-gunned.

I was always cautious while spear fishing. How?… I dragged a Styrofoam container behind me and as soon as I had speared a fish, I threw it into that container. No blood in the water to attract sharks.

During all of my summer snorkeling in Eleuthera, I was combing the reefs for my daily food. And never did any shark bother me, with this one exception…

As I was on my snorkeling and spearfishing tour close to shore, a Caribbean reef shark turned up. I watched him quite relaxedly and he seemed pretty uninterested in what I was doing. At least that’s what I thought.

Sharks seem to know exactly what spear fishermen do. My reef shark suddenly disappeared and I presumed he had gone. Shortly thereafter I shot a yellow tail snapper.

As I was just about to take the speared fish into my hand, my reef shark shot by like a torpedo. He went for the struggling snapper. Luckily the snapper managed to get off the spear before either the shark or I could grab him. Otherwise the shark would probably have gotten the snapper as well as my hand. God, what a relief!

I was quite shocked by the unexpected and fast reappearance of the reef shark but I tried to stay cool as the predator drew his circles around me. This shark behaviour made me recognize that it’s best to leave the area now, which I immediately did.

Beautiful underwater world with shark

Sharks generally will sense a struggling fish on a hook or spear from afar, and they will naturally go for it. But don’t worry about experiencing a similar situation while snorkeling. No shark will be interested in you unless a fish is fighting for his survival on your spear. Get it out of the water quickly and into the floating box behind you.

If you spot a shark, don’t panic. Stay calm and stop moving. Quietly enjoy this happy moment. I always regarded it as a true gift of nature to be able to watch these beautifully streamlined predators pass by peacefully.

As I was just starting to snorkel in Eleuthera, a local friend jokingly said to me…“Isn’t it weird to know that we are not at the top of the food chain any longer”? Well,…

I can honestly say that I have seen plenty of nurse sharks, reef sharks even hammerheads. And I never felt endangered by them. Instead, I admired these gorgeous cratures! Remember… No blood, no problem!

unknown fish

I‘m really grateful for having had so many breathtaking experiences in the turquoise and blue underwater world of Eleuthera’s Atlantic side. To me, it was a unique time in paradise.

Hunting palometa fish

Fascinating!… Four palometa fish hunting a large school of small fish

// // Surfing is also great on Eleuthera, here is some info from Eleuthera .com

Swimming At Surfer’s

Unless you are a strong swimmer I suggest you confine your swimming to the small cove at the north end of the beach. It’s to the left of the beach shack that surfers have built using driftwood. There’s a photo of the shack at the top of this page.

There’s an interesting huge rock formation that you’ll see after walking up north for a minute or so. And there’s natural shading, too, where you can rest and watch the sea.


The small cove at the north end of the beach is good for snorkeling on very calm days. Other than that, this beach is not recommended for snorkeling.

Directions to Surfers Beach

From the North, i.e. Gregory Town: 2.0 miles south of Pam’s Island Made Gift Shop turn left at the large sign that says *Surfer’s Beach Manor*…

From the South, i.e. Rainbow Inn: 5.9 miles north of the Rainbow Inn turn right at the large sign that says *Surfer’s Beach Manor*…

… follow the rocky road to Surfer’s Beach Manor. At the bottom of the hill is a T-junction. Turn left. The next road on your right – a sandy road – is the access road to the beach.

Make sure your car has good clearance. Although a 4WD vehicle is not necessary, adequate clearance and caution is.


Surfing Interview

Interview about Surfer’s Beach near Gregory Town

Here you can view a cool video and read everything about Surfer’s Beach as experienced by long-time surfers Jon, Brandon and Cameron. I had a chat with the brothers Brandon & Camron who told me everything I wanted to know about Surfers Beach. And now you’ll know, too.

You will find directions to the beach at the end of this page.

And there’s a link to a very detailed map of Gregory Town and Surfer’s Beach right after the interview with Brandon and Cameron.

But first let’s take a look at the beach and the shack where surf fans meet.

surfer's beach shack

// //

Interview with California and Eleuthera Surfers

Interviewer: Cameron, it’s the end of December 2005 and we are meeting here in Eleuthera. You are 18 and your brother Brandon is 20.

How many years ago did you first come to Eleuthera for surfing?Cameron: We first came about 6 years ago and we’ve been surfing ever since here.


I.: You are from California. What do you like best about Surfer’s Beach near Gregory Town in Eleuthera?

Brandon: What I like best is that it’s not very crowded. I mean the most I’ve seen out there was ten or twelve surfers.

surfers brandon and cameron

The two surfer brothers. Cameron left, Brandon right.

Interviewer: How does California surfing compare to Eleuthera surfing?

Brandon: California is always crowded and surfers are fighting for waves while here everybody is real chill and there’s no competition for waves.

Cameron: California can get surf all year round but Eleuthera can get way better surf during the Winter plus you’ve got the warm water which is about 78 to 79 degrees ( 25 to 26°C.) … and then the warm air. It’s really nice. The amount of people is probably the biggest difference.

I.: Please give us an example of your experience at Surfer’s Beach in Eleuthera.

Cameron: There was one day where nobody else was surfing but Brandon and me. And we were surfing all day. The only person we saw was Pete, one of the locals who came down for about five minutes. He caught only one wave and then left. And we just had perfect surf all day and beautiful weather.

Brandon: We went out surfing one time and I didn’t know it at the time but when I got in, people were saying that there were sharks under us. Now, nothing scary. Just little four foot reef sharks that won’t even bother you. But it’s just a cool little story. Laughs.

And here is what Jon told me about Surfers Beach. Jon is a teacher from New Zealand. He has worked for a private school in Eleuthera for a year… and he went surfing every week.

Jon: At surfers beach the waves break over a rock reef which extends out from the water’s edge. The sand comes and goes, but at low tide it is not unusual for rocky points to jut out of the sand. An additional potential hazard is that the steep beach profile creates a dumping shorebreak and entering and exiting the water requires care and timing.

Once past the shorebreak it is an easy paddle out to the main takeoff area. The wave forms a nice peak with a left-tapering wall which often hits a deep spot half-way toward shore. Surfers who can negotiate this flat spot may be rewarded as the wave feels bottom again and races shoreward.

Overall the wave is soft but shapely, providing an open face which allows expansive swooping turns. I have heard that it can get hollow when swell size, sand buildup and tide are in synch.

high surf
I.: What time of year is good for surfing here and what months would you rather not recommend?

Cameron: I’d say definitely during the Winter from end of September to, well, late March is really good… The summer months are flat. Take a look at this excellent Surfers Beach Surf Report and Forecast where you can see some terrific Surfers Beach photos. (This opens a new window. You’ll be right back here when you close it.)

I.: If one of your California surfer friends decided to come to Eleuthera, what advice would you give him regarding transportation of his surf gear?

Brandon: Make sure you tighten the strap on top of your car. One day I lost a surf board driving, hmm… a bit too fast.

Cameron: And for the flights, wrap your board in cloth to prevent scratching.

I.: What kind of accommodations would you recommend?

Cameron: I would recommend Surfers Beach Manor or the MoJoKingdom pictured below. A really nice house that was built by a surfer actually. And he built it from all kinds of cool things that he found. It’s an art work more than a house. It’s cheap and it’s really close to the beach.

surfer's accommodation
I.: Let’s say this surfer has just arrived in or near Gregory Town. Now he may need some local surfing information. To whom would you send him?

Cameron: To Tom Glucksman from Surfer’s Haven.

I.: After a day at Surfer’s Beach he’ll probably want a good meal, drinks and some entertainment. Where would you send our newly arrived surfer?

Brandon: I’d go to Surfer’s Beach Manor and ask for Floyd. He is a real good guy. He’ll give you a good meal and all the information you need.

And then on Tuesday and Friday nights there’s the local bar Elvina’s. They do jam sessions twice a week. So that’s a lot of fun… getting a couple of drinks, hang out, meet some of the locals, etc.

I.: Hey, what about an insider tip for surfers new to Eleuthera?

Brandon: Don’t get caught in the bone yard at surfer’s. This is an area in the sea near the big rock formation… see map link at the end of the interview. Ask locally where exactly the bone yard is.

Cameron: And watch out for poison wood, a plant that causes severe skin burning. Some of the narrow roads going down to the beach are grown in and you could touch poison wood leaves while driving. Let locals show you this plant and learn what to do, when you get burnt.

I.: As there is no public transportation system on Eleuthera in the Bahamas, how do surfers generally get around?

Brandon: Most people rent cars. Or just walk everywhere. You can also hitch-hike but usually not with your board. The locals are very friendly and the first or second car by will give you a ride.

I.: Tell me, are your Eleuthera surf friends usually flying into North Eleuthera or into Governor’s Harbour in Central Eleuthera?

Cameron: North Eleuthera (airport code ELH) is better for getting to surfers beach because it’s closer. And if you’re not gonna rent a car, the cab ride is much cheaper from North Eleuthera than from Governor’s Harbour airport.

I.: And is there a preferred airline from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, over to Eleuthera?

Brandon: I always take small TwinAir, from Ft. Lauderdale, But Bahamas Air will also take surf boards. If you’re interested in another airline, it’s important to ask whether they accept surf boards. Continental Airlines to my knowledge does not take them.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Looking for the ultimate Bahamas vacation experience?  Contact us today to book now or get more information.

Looking for the ultimate Bahamas vacation experience?  Contact us today to book now or get more information.


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Beaches on Eleuthera Bahamas

These are just a few of the beaches in Eleuthera . Please come to Eleuthera and experience some of the best beaches in the world. You can spend a day on most of these beaches and seldom come in contact with another sole.

Spanish Wells – a picturesque settlement of white Bahamians – can be reached by a short ferry ride from the dock on North Eleuthera. Rent a golf cart to tour it.

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Tay Bay Beach Is…Beach Paradise In Its Purest Form.tay bay beach eleuthera bahamas

Ben Bay Beach
Little Known Gem on…Northern North-Eleuthera

ben bay beach eleuthera bahamaspoponi beach eleuthera bahama

Upper Cove Beach is near Current Settlement in North Eleuthera

For a large and impressive aerial photo of Upper Cove Beach click here.

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Swimming Airport Beach


Southern part: Swimming here is good, as the beach remains fairly shallow close to shore but remember, it’s the Atlantic side and there can be some pretty good waves from time to time.

Central part: It is relatively calm here but there can be waves that knock you to the ground. Not a pleasant feeling…

Northern part: Swim with caution here. There are steep drop offs and a strong undertow.

bahamas homes near governors harbour

Upper Cove Beach is near Current Settlement in North Eleuthera

For a large and impressive aerial photo of Upper Cove Beach click here.

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Looking for the ultimate Bahamas vacation experience?  Contact us today to book now or get more information.

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