Restaurants to Visit on Eleuthera

By far my Favorite is Tippy’s . Be sure to visit Pine Apple Fields and the hotel wonder dog “Zena”.The Following was taken from . Please visit this site.

My wife and I live on this island. We checked out all Eleuthera restaurants below. And here is our recommendation…Make your choice of restaurants by looking for your area first, i.e…

1. Gregory Town in the North

2. Hatchet Bay a.k.a. Alice Town

3. Governor’s Harbour/Palmetto Point in Central Eleuthera or…

4. Tarpum Bay & Rock Sound in the South.

All Eleuthera restaurants are listed under one of the four above headings.

Call before you go. All calls on the island are free from any land line phone

eleuthera map

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Eleuthera Restaurants in and near
Gregory Town


Hatchet Bay a.k.a. Alice Town

  • Front Porch Delights, Bar & Grill
    Phone: 335-0727
    . Lovely Eleuthera restaurant & boutique with driftwood bar on deck, overlooking Hatchet Bay. Awe-inspiring sunsets. Best seafood. Chefs Francis Plakarise and his wife Gina know how to use herbs. Different menu every day. Open every day from 8 a.m. till… Easy to find because directly on the bay side of the main road.
  • Water’s Edge Internet Cafe
    Phone: 335-0679; cell: 470-1667
    . Of all Eleuthera restaurants this one is special… It has a familial atmosphere, computer access and a small store selling electronic parts. The cafe is in a pink building with a nice terrace right on the water. Serving large Angus steak burgers at a reasonable price. Open 11am-ish to 7pm-ish. From the main road drive into Hatchet Bay and watch out for the restaurant sign on the left.


Eleuthera Restaurants in and near
Governor’s Harbour & Palmetto Point


Eleuthera Restaurants in Tarpum Bay

  • Papa George’s Pizza & Internet Cafe
    Phone: 334-4076
    . Simple spot, dine in or take out. Call one hour ahead to order your pizza. Extra cost for home deliveries, $ 2 per 5 miles.

  • Barbie’s Snack & Notions
    Phone: 334-4028
    . Small place, native style, ribs and a decent pizza. Open 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., serving lunch & dinner. Also take-away.

  • Rock Sound Club
    Phone: 334-2700
    . Located between Tarpum Bay and Rock Sound. Coming from Tarpum Bay, watch out for the sign to the left, about half-way of the distance between the two settlements. Interesting old but renovated Club – by the road side – serving breakfast, lunch & dinner. Stop for a drink and chat with Robert Chappell, the elderly and very interesting American owner.


Eleuthera Restaurants in and near Rock Sound


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