More stuff to do over Christmas

Taken from Eleuthera .com

Please find below a few other tings to do .

Please visit the Queen bath , the view is incredible , but only visit while the ocean is quieter. Just before the Glass window on the right while heading north , watch for the sign.


Just south of the Glass Window, look for a row of sawed-off pine tree stumps on the Atlantic side . Park in small pull off. Walk over rocks to cliffs. Peer down and see rock pools etched out by the wave action; a cave is behind them. You can go down there at low tide when the weather is calm and float around in the pools, which are filled with live shells and little fish. DO NOT EVEN TRY when the sea is rough. You could be washed away!!!! And people have been!!! Seepicture of the Queens Baths here….. …..


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OCEAN HOLERock Sound, Eleuthera


The Ocean Hole is a natural “blue hole” that the locals say is bottomless. It is actually an inland salt water lake, a mile from the oceans, yet it is filled with salt water sea life, and rises and ebbs with the tides.

Therefore, it definitely has a connection with he ocean, although no-one has found the connection (Jacques Cousteau, formerly a part-time resident of Windemere, tried unsuccessfully.)

The hole is full of fish, but no fishing allowed, although you are welcome to swim and feed the fish.




Chicken Ed and the namesake of this institution, Elvina 

In Gregory Town, get ready for a very unusual place. Where else in the civilized world can you, under one roof: 

1) shoot some pool
2) eat cajun and Bahamian food
3) wash your clothes
4) listen to music jams every Tuesday and Friday night 

Yes, wash those traveling clothes, eat some jambalaya, shoot pool, and listen to music jams! The Walls are covered with license plates and bumper stickers, and the surfboards hanging from the ceiling have been stowed there by surfer-regulars. Elvina’s husband, known around these parts as “Chicken Ed,” is from Louisiana, and cajun type food is served.

On Tuesdays and Fridays is jam night, and you might catch sometime local Lenny Kravitz or Chris Robinson or other visiting musicians.

Visit Gregory Town


Gregory Town is a funky, sea-side town that typifies a small Bahamian town. There occurs the famouns “Pineapple Festival” every June, with music, food, races, and drink.

Best-known for its great food and exotic tropical drinks like its famous pineapple punch, Gregory Town is also gaining recognition because of its rock star resident, the vocalist and guitar-wizard Lenny Kravitz. Also is the location of “Pam’s Island Gift Shop“, a store with the widest selection of native gift goods on the island, including local books, maps, T-shirts, dresses, etc., as well as Rebecca’s Beach Shop, with its wide collection of native goods.

Just south of Gregory Town is famouns “Surfer’s Beach”, whick supposedly has the best surfing in the Bahamas. 






Business of Anne and Clyde Bethel, the cook at Mate and Jenny’s, Island Farm is located about a mile south of Church Street on Queens Highway in Palmetto Point. There are plants for sale, fruits, vegetables, salad dressing, fresh bread on Mondays and Fridays. The “Island Farm also has great salad fixings, depending on the season brocolli, zuccini, beets, cabbage, fresh herbs, basil, cilantro and much more. 

Also, a new feature is grilled mahi-mahi. As the sign says, it is closed on Wednesday and Sundays.



Gregory Town, Eleuthera

Providing a unique island shopping experience, one of a kind gifts made by Native Born Artist: Rebecca Courtemache

In addition, she is married to local legend, “Surfer Pete”. He is a well known surfer and storyteller. He can arrange house rentals, as well as bicycle, diving, and surf board rentals.Items in the store include Pirates Revenge Hot Sauce, Metal and Sand Art, Jewelry, shells, coral, caribbean dolls, books, film, fishing and diving gear; original designes painted on T-shirts, tiles, china, canvas and Coconut Fibre, etc!!



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