Fishing in Eleuthera Bahamas

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Bonefishing Guide Paul Petty

Paul: Off season for bonefishing is August and September. But during these months you can fish during early mornings. You have to be at the flats at 7 a.m. though. Because later in the day the water is too hot. But as you know, the highest probability of hurricanes is in August and September which are our two hottest months.

From November to mid-July bonefishing in the Bahamas is generally much better. During those months we are usually fishing full days.

Interviewer: What are your general recommendations to bone fishermen new to Eleuthera?

Paul: I always check on the tide. Is it coming in or going out early in the morning? Depending on that I’ll choose the right flats.

I’d also check to see if it’s a full moon. Click here for an actual tide & moon chart for the Caribbean – the shallower West side – of Eleuthera.

And for an actual tide & moon chart for the Atlantic side – the East side of Eleuthera, click here.

Important note: The Caribbean tides – West side – run two hours behind the Atlantic/East side doubling your chances at the prime tides for bonefish.

Bonefish feed at night during full moon and the next day they are not hungry. So they won’t bite.

I’d also recommend to get up real early and be on the flat before someone else is there. Bone fishermen like to be left alone.

Another useful information… Before coming to Eleuthera call one of the local bonefishing guides. Make an appointment and find out what type of gear to bring. This is important because you cannot buy much fishing gear in Central Eleuthera.

Just in case you know nothing about bonefishing…

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… Bonefishing in the Bahamas is not dissimilar to bullfighting in Spain. How come?

Bonefish are greatly prized by sport fishermen for their wily nature and tenacious spirit. So the angler enjoys fighting with the bonefish until he can hold him just a little above the water.

And here’s the difference to bull fighting… the fish is released instead of being killed. Who wants to eat bonefish anyway? Some islanders do but not many like it.

The body of the bonefish is silver and slender with a bluish or greenish back. Bonefish can often be seen with their tail out of the water.


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Interview with an Experienced Eleuthera Bonefishing Guide

Interviewer: Paul, you know all about Eleuthera bonefishing in the Bahamas. You have been a fishing guide for many years and your father has over 40 years of experience in this.

Tell me, why would an angler want to bonefish in Eleuthera rather than in Andros or the Exumas? All three destinations are famous for excellent bonefishing in the Bahamas.

Paul: I think Eleuthera is more accessible for bonefishing than Andros or the Exumas. Because here on Eleuthera you just have to take a rental car and get some information from one of the local guides who will point you in the right direction.

Better yet… by clicking on the links below you’ll see the exact location of each flat in…

North Eleuthera
Central Eleuthera
South Central Eleuthera
South Eleuthera

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